Supta Virasana is a back bend or a front body opener, depending on how you look at it. Be mindful of knees and lower back in this asana and take your time to get in to it. 

  • Use a block to place between the feet / ankles, actively squeeze the block with the ankles
  • Place the toes slightly wider than the ankles
  • Sit onto block as pictured above and press the inside edge of the foot into the floor actively, maintain this through out posture
  • Lower the body down onto the back support, this support should be for the shoulder blades and the head
  • The head should be slightly alleviated so the back of the neck is long 
  • Lift the buttocks up, tilt the pelvis back, draw the top buttocks to lower buttocks so you are long through the lower spine.
  • You can adjust block to a higher height to support the buttocks being lifted
  • Rest the arms above the head and shut the eyes
  • Stay here for 3-10 minutes

Supta Virasana an be done -

- After eating, the lack of circulation to the legs means the blood will move to the digestive area

- During menstruation to allow extension (opposite of cramping) in the lower abdomen

- If your legs are prone to swelling. The cut off of circulation to the legs will encourage extra blood flow to the legs when you come up and out of this posture.