This entry is a little esoteric, so be warned. 

Life gets a little heavy some times ... and what I've realised in response to the heaviness is that if I can find lightness in my body, it will translate to my mind. 

I use my yoga practice to strengthen, ground and to stabilise, but more recently I've been introduced to the concept of "having light touch" whilst practicing (by my amazing yoga teacher Suzi Carson).

Not only has this changed my attitude in practice, I now feel lighter in day to day life. 

Feeling lighter for me means that I'm responding rather than reactingI'm listening more than I'm talking and I'm seeing things for what they are, not what I assume they are.  

A very simple exercise to gain some understanding of lightness in the body is to sit against the wall (with height underneath the buttocks), have the whole spine supported by the wall, breathe and to imagine that your spine is floating. 

Have a go... x 

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